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I have spent years seeking to be calm and well

C A L M 

I have dealt with anxiety for what feels like my entire life and, at times, even felt the weight of depression. As I walked through especially tough moments in my life, my constant aim was to find the calm within the storm. I sought the pauses, the quiet, the warmth, the brief time to unwind. As I have grown, I have come to realize life often seems like one big never-ending storm. The moments of calm are far and few between unless we are intentional about creating them. This is where I had to learn the art of self care.

W E L L 

From dealing with food allergies to chronic health issues to thyroid cancer at the age of 24, I have tried so many regimens to feel well. I have restricted certain foods and eaten very specific diets. I have eliminated the products in our home filled with harmful, toxic chemicals and replaced them with safe, natural alternatives. I have tried every supplement on the shelf to boost my immune system. I even went into a hyperbaric chamber every day for a month just for the hope of feeling better. However, I was so focused on feeling “good” momentarily, I was neglecting what my body actually needed. This is where I had to learn the art of self care, again. 

I believe wellness happens from the inside out. It cultivates when you support and care for your mental and emotional well-being, your physical body, and your surroundings. All of our products are crafted to create a calm environment, promote physical health, and bring peace of mind through the art of self care


T H E  P R O D U C T S . . .

It all started with creating these products for my family and I to feel calm and well. Then, I began to share with friends. Eventually, I recognized I could share with others too. 

S K I N  C A R E

After learning about the harmful ingredients in most skin care and personal care out there, I was on a mission to ditch all of my personal care products and find safe alternatives. This was around the same time I found out I had thyroid cancer, and I was desperate to do anything to improve my health. However, I found it difficult to find simple, all organic skin care that was also affordable. Hence, I began making my own skin care and came to love these products more than anything I had used in the past. 

All of our skin care products are intentionally multi-use. I was fed up with having to buy a facial cream, an eye cream, a facial cleanser, a face serum, an eye serum, a spot treatment, a morning cream, a night cream (you get the picture). Marketing tells us you need a million and one products to take care of your skin properly. We are bombarded with the message of "spend more, look better". I strongly disagree. Less is more. Simple is better. We have three simple products made with six ingredients or less. You only need these three products for whole body care as each product can be used for a variety of purposes. They are designed for everyone in your family, including infants and children. 


The lattes began with the chai. I wanted to give a handmade gift for Christmas one year to save a little money, and I have always loved chai. Of course, I made a batch for myself as well and became obsessed. 

Since high school, I had been an avid coffee drinker. I made sure to have my coffee at least every morning and relied on it a little too much in college. A little while back, I stopped drinking coffee because my health had taken a turn for the worse. Yet again, I found myself desperate to do anything to help. Because I still wanted a warm, cozy drink every morning, specifically one with health benefits, I began making my chai regularly. I also started to experiment with drinks like golden milk and cacao reishi. Eventually, I made the raspberry rose latte for my postpartum friends. 

You can drink the lattes in the morning instead of your coffee, mixed in with your morning coffee, in the afternoon for a pick-me-up, or as an evening treat to wind down. 

B A T H  

The bath bombs and bath salts started as fun gifts I loved to share with friends and family. Once I learned about the healing benefits of flowers and roots in bath soaking, I knew bath bombs and salts could not only create a spa-like bath experience but also provide significant care to the body. I was specifically intrigued by researching botanicals that supported postpartum mothers as a method of healing after child birth. 

All of our bath products are carefully crafted with simple ingredients and botanicals like flowers, roots, and oats, to provide an exceptional bath experience. I feel bath bombs and salts are the perfect way to encourage someone to take a moment of pause and self care. 


Thank you for being here! We are so grateful for your love and support. 


Michaela Sheldon

calm + well co. founder + maker



1 John 4v7